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Build, scale, and activate first-party audiences with The Commerce Media Platform.  
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Turn goals into results

Commerce Data

Use data of 650M daily active users in your campaigns

Full funnel solutions

Use multiple datasets throughout the full customer journey


Direct contact with experienced digital natives to guide you along your growth path
Criteo and S1 Digital ad Solutions

Putting intelligence to work

The technology
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Shopper graph
  • Easy set up

True ad personalization

Dynamic Creative Optimization+ (DCO+) is Criteo’s unique, patent-pending technology. Insights from 650m daily active users generate real-time ads personalized for every individual, and aligned with brand standards.


DCO+ in Action

Flexibel formats
Maximize sales with a variety of ad formats, from single image to montage and beyond

Add interest and tell a sory with impactfull video ads

Build engagement with ads that encourage consumers to swipe, scroll or search

The benefits of DCO+

  • Deliver on-brand ads, consistently
  • Tailor ad elements to each shopper 
  • Reach more shoppers with relevant ads

How DCO+ powers media

Dynamic retargeting
Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) powers dynamic retargeting product by determining the right ad design for every device, for every context and for every stage of the shopper journey – maximizing the impact of your video and display ads

Retail media for brands
By informing the look and feel, as well as the placement that will most effectively drive clicks on retailer sites, DCO+ lets Criteo Sponsored Products offer tailored ads that maximize revenue for brands

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