S1 Digital signs exclusive partnership with My Telescope

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S1 Digital has entered into a strategic partnership with My Telescope, a Swedish pioneer in Share of Search analytics. My Telescope gives brands the tools to understand how often and why they are included in search engines. This allows you to see your brand’s share in search terms. This is very useful knowledge for marketers, as an increase in the number of searches is clearly correlated with an increase in sales. My Telescope works with a limited number of strategic partners. S1 Digital has exclusivity in the Benelux countries and Germany.

“We expect Search of Share to provide new, groundbreaking ideas to brands and businesses, as well as to other institutions such as museums, non-governmental organizations, and governments, to align their marketing with both strategic and policy.” – Jim Kramp, S1 managing director.

Share of Search as a KPI for the effectiveness of your campaign

Brands no longer measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns based on only their spending budget or the number of products they actually sell, but rather by the number of people who search online and how they search. After all, 81% of consumers search online when they want to buy something. And this ‘search’ naturally leads to ‘purchase’.

More accurate picture on search behaviour

My Telescope complements Google search data with searches on YouTube, Bing, Amazon (USA), eBay, Instagram and Twitter. This gives us a complete picture of web search behavior and gives us a more accurate picture as it is not sample-based, unlike Google Trends.

My Telescope – Share of Search analytics

My Telescope is a market research tool based on Share of Search Analytics. It measures not only market trends, but also brand reach and strength, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. And all in real-time.

My Telescope’s artificial intelligence scans, analyzes, and visualizes data from search engines, surveillance tools, and social media. With this knowledge, marketers can adapt their campaigns quickly and flexibly. My Telescope is used by companies in a variety of industries, including retail, heavy industry, automotive, defense, and non-governmental organizations. Well-known companies such as Kellogg, Unilever, Saab, and Electrolux have already used the search-share method to analyze their marketing activities.

Frederique Pirenne – My Telescope

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