S1 Digital becomes Criteo’s preferred partner in the Benelux

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Antwerp February 3, 2022 – Antwerp-based digital advertising and technology agency S1 and Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO), the technology company behind the leading Commerce Media Platform, join forces to further grow in the Benelux. Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform provides marketers and media owners direct access to advertising audiences on the open internet by enabling first-party commerce data. This is the second strategic partnership in a short period of time for S1 Digital, which recently also entered into a partnership with My Telescope.   

“This technology is desperately needed for targeted advertising in the cookie-free era” – Jim Kramp, Managing Director

S1 Digital (formerly MediaDonuts) is a digital media agency that develops digital advertising for future developments. Ever since the company was founded 12 years ago, S1 Digital has been a pioneer in the development of innovative and tech applications.

In concrete terms, S1 Digital, as an exclusive Criteo partner in the Benelux, will offer Criteo applications to SMEs and medium-sized advertisers and agencies that have not yet made use of them.. 

Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform is designed to provide marketers and media owners with direct access to advertising audiences across the open internet. By leveraging first-party data from marketers and media owners across a vast network, Criteo provides seamless advertising solutions across the supply chain, putting the audience first. Through the collaboration and the associated access to S1 Digital’s Ad Sales Partner Program, many more internet players from Benelux can use Criteo’s solutions.   

Julian Timmerman, Director of Global Indirect Channels at Criteo: “We are excited to join forces in the Benelux with S1 Digital. Thanks to their deep knowledge of Criteo and their strong footprint in the market, this partnership will increase the use of our solutions in this region. The target? Realize concrete business profits for both advertisers and media owners.” 

Jim Kramp, Managing Director of S1 Digital, is excited about the partnership: “From our inception, 12 years ago, we pioneered the use of advanced advertising technology and data. Criteo is an innovative, data-driven and future-proof solution for advertisers and agencies in the marketplace. After our successful collaboration in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines – under the MediaDonuts brand – we are now entering into a preferred partnership for the Benelux as S1 Digital.” 

Advertising & the future of addressability  

For S1 Digital, the partnership with Criteo is in line with the company’s philosophy. It aims to limit the impact of the disappearance of third-party cookies on the performance of its customers’ advertising campaigns. It aims to limit the impact of the disappearance of third-party cookies on the performance of its customers’ advertising campaigns. “Our ambition is to contribute to the development of a new advertising market by helping advertisers achieve strong results via the open internet. This can be done by collecting the right data, and then using it specifically for digital advertisements on buying platforms,” ​​says Jim Kramp. 

Criteo’s platform provides a significant edge for ad campaigns, as the platform’s power is based on the world’s largest set of first-party commerce data.  

Specialized team 

S1 Digital invests heavily in the collaboration. “We have put together a specialized team in Belgium and the Netherlands, so that our customers can quickly get started with Criteo applications. We are convinced that they will benefit the most if we support them closely with the implementation of this state-of-the-art technology.” 

About Criteo 

Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO) is the technology company behind the world’s leading Commerce Media Platform. 2,700 Criteo team members work with 21,000 marketers and thousands of media owners around the world to activate the world’s largest set of commercial data to drive better commercial results. By supporting trusted and impactful advertising, Criteo enriches every customer’s experiences and supports a fair and open internet where discovery, innovation and freedom of choice are central.

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