Grow your brand with the S1 method

Convert leads into clients and use data to make smart decisions for your campaigns!

The two options for market penetration

Increase the potential of your brand by making people think about your brand more often in more purchase situations.

Boost the conversion of your brand in effective purchasing by making your brand easy to find when someone wants to purchase.

Here, we work with the online behavioural data of category buyers in order to gain insight into your brand’s performance and the dynamic of the category.

The KPIs that we use at each level of the funnel: 


Brand potential

We quantify this using Share of Search, a metric with predictive value for changes in market share.


Brand conversion

We analyse how search behaviour for your brand translates into market share and how we can influence the conversion from search to sales.


Value exchange dynamics

We look at how your brand scores when it comes to collecting first-party data, which we can then use at all campaign levels to effectively influence category buyers.

Campaign optimisation

We utilise all collected data to continuously optimise your campaign.

Brand potential

Mental availability

Brand conversion

Physical availability

Value exchange dynamics

Leveraging first-party data

Reaching potential buyers remains essential!

In the world of digital advertising, maximum reach of category buyers (people who purchase the product) is just as essential.

In addition, collecting online data offers more opportunities:

Sharper targeting of messages aimed at category buyers.

Avoid sending a message to buyers who are already being reached in the same period via paid media.

Using customer journeys, we can correctly prioritise different brand messages.

We use affinity with specific messages to approach lookalikes with the same message.

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