Find your perfect target group

S1 is not a traditional agency.
We take the unconventional route:

We don’t just buy media, we do everything we can to connect your brand to your ideal target group.

We grow your brand using an advanced digital marketing ecosystem that constantly connects you to the right target group and potential customer.

Growth comes

Our approach is formed by our constant focus on strategic growth.

For S1, paid media is a tool. A tool that we use to realise the potential of your brand and help it to grow sustainably.

We think according to your business and marketing objectives so that we can create a watertight strategy for growth.

We focus very carefully on the right target groups and channels, all tailored to your brand.

That way, we help your brand grow.

Ongoing optimisation

Agile collaboration and rapid scaling!

New digital media platforms emerge every day.
You can also purchase advertising space on TV and radio and digital advertisements in bus shelters by bidding on a digital platform.

To select the ideal mix of channels for your brand, our team of Ad Operations specialists constantly tests and optimises every campaign and strategy. Using complex data analysis, they ensure that every opportunity is capitalised upon.

In our Agile environment, collaboration is streamlined and all expertise comes together at the ideal speed to scale up your campaign when success is achieved!

Intelligent use of data

Reach new people with the aid of data.

There is no such thing as the perfect marketing ecosystem, as every industry, business and brand has its own unique challenges.

Our methodology helps us to quickly understand your brand, business or product.

This way, we can quickly plot out a marketing ecosystem that makes you ready for future challenges.


One of our experts would be happy to get in touch to discuss a solution for digital growth.

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