National awareness voor Gas.be


We created national awareness for the different grants offered by Gas.be by putting together a strong online media plan to combine a range of different channels.

We were asked to develop an extensive marketing strategy with as many different channels as possible to help promote the subsidies offered by Gas.be for old gas boilers and flues.

The main KPI of the campaign was to generate national awareness for subsidies, with a secondary KPI to generate as many online subsidy applications as possible.

The campaign was developed in two languages for Flanders and Wallonia.

To achieve our goal, we employed a combination of different channels over a period of six months – social media ads, audio marketing (Spotify), Connected TV, rich media (page takeovers on premium news websites), premium video and programmatic display ads. Once the successful campaign was complete, we set up an always-on strategy for Gas.be that is still in place now.

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