Adecco – boosting applications


The challenge for the Belgian division of Adecco was to develop a dynamic retargeting campaign so that we could permanently capture the sizeable stream of visitors to the Adecco job site and reach visitors again later.

As a solution, we developed a fully dynamic display retargeting campaign that allows us to reach people who have left Adecco’s job site with relevant vacancies loaded in to dynamic banners. As they surf the web, visitors are encouraged to return to the Adecco site from a wide network of websites to complete their application.

In 2020, we generated 16,500 leads on the website through the dynamic retargeting campaign, with only minimal cost per lead.

The optimisation of this campaign is never ending. We constantly test to understand which creatives work best and which buttons generate more clicks. We also optimise based on the time of day, the day of the week, technology, desktop vs. mobile, site level, and many more factors.

Client background

The Adecoo Group is the world’s largest HR service provider, with its headquarters in Zürich, Switzerland.

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