Every CEO or CFO asks these questions:

‘What is the impact and ROI of our individual campaigns?’

‘Are we doing better than our competitors?’

‘Are we up to speed on the latest trends?’

Not sure about the answers?

Then request our free Brand Performance Assessment today!

We map the potential of your brand and its performance when compared to the competition, plus we audit your current media performance (CPC, CTR, etc.).
The report is free of charge – the only commitment that we ask is two hours of your time so that we can go through the conclusions together in detail. 
You are then free to decide whether or not we should join forces.

The audit report will give you: 

  • Insight into the market dynamic and your performance when compared to competitors on the basis of a Share of Search analysis.
  • Insight into the strategic options to help your brand to grow.
  • A campaign benchmark with a number of quick wins to help you quickly improve your campaigns – on average by 15 to 20%!
  • Insight into the challenge and opportunities relating to privacy and third-party cookies so that your brand is ready for a long-term growth strategy.

Your future growth starts today!

You can start building the future growth of your brand today in 3 simple steps.

1. Request an audit

Complete the form below and arrange a fifteen-minute introductory meeting with one of our digital marketing experts. We will explain what additional information we need, such as access to accounts, how the audit works and what the report will tell you.

2. We protect your data

Your data belongs to you. As soon as the analysis is complete, we will cease all access to your accounts. All of this is laid down in a ‘non-disclosure agreement’ for your complete peace of mind.

3. Discuss the report

Our brand performance assessment will be ready a couple of weeks after we have gained access to all data we require. We will then explain the report to you in a two-hour meeting. After that, you are free to decide whether or not you want to work with us.

Request your free brand performance assessment today, with no obligation, and receive quick fixes and practical advice for online growth.

What will you receive from us?
  • Share of Search report
    With insights into category dynamics, the potential of your brand and brand conversion when compared to the competition based on online consumer behaviour (search, social media, etc.)
  • An audit of the configuration and performance of your advertising accounts
    (e.g. Facebook, Adwords, etc.)
  • An analysis of your Buyer Journeys
    corresponding data points, including a gap analysis
Using this information, we will develop a plan of action, with quick wins and long-term solutions.