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Media agency Mediadonuts becomes S1 and strengthens ambitions in media intelligence

Eleven years ago, Pieter-Jan de Kroon and I founded MediaDonuts in Antwerp. Today, our business starts a new chapter: MediaDonuts is becoming S1 Digital. That’s not a name plucked out of thin air. ‘Our new name refers to our new approach: you always need to start with a blank page and the right questions if you want to advertise, the so-called “square one”.

The new approach of S1 Digital seeks to develop digital advertising strategies for brands that are entirely future-proof. As an example, we anticipate the disappearance of third-party cookies as privacy legislation becomes stricter. In that context, brands will need to collect more data themselves, and it is our ambition to help clients to create the right strategy and to use that data to purchase the appropriate media.

Our goal? To base online media strategies on what consumers actually think and do, so that they can be better connected to brands. We have taken a pioneering approach from the very outset, using advanced advertising technology and data, now with the addition of Share of Search methodology, which analyses search behaviour.

I, or one of my colleagues, would love to explain this, perhaps during a meeting in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can read more about our story on our new website.

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